KEN & BARBIE ON SAFARI: Round edge leather shoe fringe


Growling and grinding in a print that will make even the sharpest hyena blush, bold bishes mount up.

A tribute to the bold and the brave, designed in gratitude of your unapologetic presence in the world. Make. Your. Mark. We need you out there.

Shoes will never be the same.


  • Detachable leather shoe fringe for your lace-ups
  • Shoelaces enter through eyelets – shoe fringe sits either on top of laces or underneath
  • Made from 50% leather offcuts / upcycled leather
  • Laminated leather making these hardy and built to last
  • Made by hand with love and a rebel heart
  • Limited edition run; slow fashion accessories
  • Gender inclusive
  • Comes in large and small sizes

Premium leather upper (hide) / recycled leather bottom (hide) / Brass eyelets

Large size fringe - Typically for shoe sizes 8+ (measures 12cm x 7.8cm - at the widest end)

Small size fringe - Typically for shoe sizes under 7 (measures 10.8cm x 6cm - at the widest end)

* Please note that working with upcycled leather means pieces are unique with slight imperfections and may hold slight variations in color making each pair truly one of a kind.

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