The Process

Our process

Sovereign Collection is about humans.

As our designs keep the flame of renegade independence alive and kicking on the streets, the process behind our making stands tall and proud beside us.

The Sovereign Collection process celebrates:

Minimal packaging means less waste in the world. Our goods are handed over in satchels, handmade from leather offcuts, and nothing else. Bare, bold and sustainable.

Our sexy, hardy accessories are made from leather offcuts that would usually end up in landfill. This means each piece is limited edition, holding imperfections as unique as each wearer. Above all, this embodies our respect for a conscious use of animal products.

We are committed to working with locally sourced materials, and with local, like-minded business guns.
We believe that being fiercely independent comes with responsibility, respect, commitment, and gratitude. And this ensures our products are made with love and a rebel heart, from go to woe.

  • Original, independent, human centred designs
  • All made by hand in Sydney’s Inner West
  • Focused on quality, not quantity
  • Made primarily from leather offcuts
  • Minimal waste created during production
  • Part of small run collections and dependent on quantity of offcuts available