About Sovereign


Fiercely independent.
Unapologetically bold.
Elegance and sass.

Sovereign Collection is a slow fashion accessories brand dedicated to self-expression, sustainability and radical diversity. We celebrate the humanity of style.

In a world united by difference, Sovereign Collection hand-make innovative, sustainable fashion accessories designed for vogue renegades: those who thrive in a world that wasn’t created for them.

Founded in 2017 by Veronica Eulate, Sovereign Collection is built on a philosophy that centres independence and inclusivity at the heart of style. Blending a passion for design, sustainability and social activism, Veronica wants to encourage people to re-think the idea of waste while celebrating people who refuse to be anything but themselves.

Proudly a queer owned business in Sydney, Sovereign Collection is inspired by what lies at the intersection of sustainable fashion design, identity and indie style. Street style accessories made for the bold, fierce and fabulous.

All goods are Sydney made using upcycled leather, and other upcycled materials, from local sources, with minimal waste throughout production and packaging, making collections truly limited edition.

With love and a rebel heart,